Proximity Marketing

        Today’s consumers engage in a shorter and shorter purchasing process, but the essential principles that underlie business-to-consumer marketing have not changed — consumers still make emotional buying decisions, they still want to do comparisons to make the best choices and they still prefer to see content that is relevant and helpful to them. Proximity marketing is a way to appeal to these fundamental consumer desires without sacrificing a focus on in-store experience. Radiofar Proximity marketing beacons act like smart dedicated advertisment agent and only publish related and engagable advertisement notification or pop up messages to relevant customers.

Just about any business or service that is operating from a fixed location can implement a proximity marketing strategy such as the examples below:

  • Retailers, can send store maps and coupons or offers to apply for their credit card or to enroll in their loyalty or rewards programs.

  • Hotels can inform guests about on-site events and promotions or can offer to enroll them in loyalty or rewards programs.

  • Restaurants can send special menus/daily specials, coupons, offers for loyalty programs, or perhaps send trivia questions or other games to help them pass the time while they wait for their table to be ready.

  • Shopping malls can offer a proximity marketing benefit to their tenants by putting together a package of coupons or offer a discount at any mall retailer.

  • Travel hubs such as airports and public transportation centers can provide maps or display ads that can be sold to local tourist destinations.

  • General information about a product or service can be delivered through proximity marketing even if the fixed location of the business or service agency changes.